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Dragon Slayers

Children's Sword Classes

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Class Schedule: 

Tuesday    6:00 pm -7:00 pm

Thursday   6:00 pm -7:00 pm

Sunday      10:30 am - 11:30 am


Coach John 

Coach Phoenix

Available to children ages 8 and up, Dragon Slayers is a challenging and fun program for kids who dream of being a musketeer, pirate, or knight.  

Students learn the the same sword fighting techniques as in the main classes, only presented in an age-appropriate manner.  Starting with soft "boffer" swords, our Dragon Slayers learn confidence and control in both attack and defense. When they are ready to move on to solid core foam swords and eventually wooden "waster" swords.  Dragon Slayers who complete the program graduate to the main Longsword classes.

What To Expect From A Class

Students are expected to attend class at least once a week but twice a week is recommended. This allows a student to progress rapidly in skill and provides a greater sense of accomplishment.

Students are expected to arrive at class at least 5 minutes early and ready to participate in the class. Each class will start with a warm-up and skills review. Drills are combined with strategy and technique in a playful way to engage the mind and build dexterity and endurance.  Each class ends with competitive exercises that allow students to challenge their abilities in a safe and engaging way and enjoy swordplay. DEMAS instructors are always available for questions and to work on technique.

The first few classes are designed to familiarize students with the basic body movements of medieval swordfighting. We start with padded swords for the small children, heavier padded weapons for the older children and wooden swords as the children get older. The wooden swords will help to accustom them to the weight of the sword. Our practice swords are used, often along with other safety gear (masks, safety glasses, gloves), in full-speed and full-contact activities that allow the students to practice the techniques learned in class safely.

All equipment and safety gear needed by the student is provided when the students start, but students are encouraged to procure their own equipment as they progress in the class. Comfortable clothes, shoes and gloves are recommended. Unlined leather gloves are best but cotton gloves offer comfort between sword and hand. When the students move to the heavier swords, hockey or lacrosse gloves can be worn for added protection.

Membership & Sign-up

Before signing up for our program we recommend that you bring your child for a complimentary trial class at any of our regularly scheduled times. Space may be limited, so we recommend calling ahead, or signing up online.

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