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Santa Clara, California

The Santa Clara location is the home of Davenriche European Martial Artes School. The school was started in the back yard of Steaphen Fick and has been in the Santa Clara neighborhood for over 10 years. The Santa Clara location works with groups for parties, corporate team building events, bachelor/ bachelorette parties. The school is at the end of the driveway behind Chilton Auto Body shop.

Midland, Texas

Skye Hilton runs the chapter of the school in Midland, Tx. 

DEMAS, Midland, or The Sword School as it has become known as locally, was started in February of 2018 by Skye Hilton and Jake Ulmer using the DEMAS curriculum. Since its inception, The Sword School continues to grow with students and has participated in the West Texas Celtic Fair, public sword demonstrations and seminars. Instructors and students regularly travel to participate in HEMA tournaments and events to test their skills and expand their knowledge of the art. Primary weapon focus is long sword with other classes including messer, side sword and sword and shield. The school also offers four hour weekend seminars in long sword and other medieval weaponry.

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About the Instructors
Skye Hilton began studying under Steaphen Fick in Santa Clara, Ca., focusing on various medieval and Renaissance martial arts and weapons. In this time she also traveled to other sword schools throughout California and neighboring states to study and compete. In 2017 she became certified as a long sword instructor through HEMAA and continued to study and compete internationally. After moving to Midland, Texas the beginning of 2018, she and Jake founded The Sword School, the only HEMA club in West Texas. She went on to compete in History Channel’s Forged in Fire Knife or Death Show in August of 2018 and then return for Bladesgiving Special in November of the same year. She continues to travel and study with other HEMA practitioners as often as possible to continue to grow her own skill and knowledge base for herself and her students.

Jake Ulmer started HEMA in a backyard with his best friend Michael Graves. Going through many books and Youtube videos, the two of them taught themselves the foundations of sword work. After a few years of solo study and travel to other sword schools in the state, the pair stepped onto the larger stage at Combat Con in Las Vegas. This is where Jake received his first taste of the HEMA community. He found himself surrounded by those who shared his passion for the sword and so willing to teach him, and eventually meeting Skye Hilton in his pursuit of knowledge. After being adopted by DEMAS, Jake was able to hone his skills and, to this day, he is working become a better fighter and instructor. The HEMA world means a great deal to him and he hopes to share that same love for the art to anyone who wishes to wield a blade.

Classes train at the Community Center Auditorium

2300 Butternut Ln.

Midland, TX 79705

Call or Text at 432-701-7898 or 432-701-7899


Facebook group

Las Vegas, Nevada

Thomas Levine runs the chapter of the school in Las Vegas, NV. 

Thomas Levine has been training at DEMAS since 2013. He focuses primarily on longsword, grappling, sidesword, and knife. Thomas was recognized in 2015 as an instructor in the HEMA Alliance in Fiore’s longsword, dagger and grappling systems, and Vadi’s longsword, dagger, and grappling systems. Thomas routinely competes in longsword tournaments. He also has a black belt in Dan Zan Ryu Jujitsu, and training in escrima, kendo, iaido, boxing, freestyle wrestling, sport sabre fencing, and karate. Thomas helped develop the DEMAS kid’s program and is now provost of the Las Vegas Chapter.

At the Las Vegas chapter we focus on longsword and dagger work. We train at the UNLV Fitness Center at 

4505 S Maryland Pkwy
Las Vegas, NV 89119

Call or Text at 775-544-5385


Facebook group

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