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Experience Sword Fighting your way

Want an memorable birthday party? Or looking for a unique team building event? Need fight choreography consultation? We can do that and more.

Birthday Parties

Give your child a birthday experience they'll never forget:  the chance to be a knight or a pirate for a day!

Birthday parties include a 2 1/2-hour rental of the DEMAS facility and the following events:

  • 1/2 hour sword fighting lesson: longsword or cutlass

  • 1 hour of pirate or knight games.

  • 1 hour of cake & presents time.  Your child sits on the DEMAS throne!

  • Falconry demonstrations are available for an additional cost. 

Party Size:  6 (minimum) - 16 (maximum)


Cost:  The base cost is $500 for up to 10 children and $25/child after 10 kids.

Contact us today for details!

Team events

Looking for something different for a team building event?  Learn the basics of sword fighting or learn to survive the zombie apocalypse!

Sword Fighting Team Building.   Using either medieval longswords or Renaissance sword & dagger, all participants are paired up.  Each person learns a choreographed fight with their partner.  They must be aware of their own actions but also the timing of their partner. Each team will present their fight at the end of the workshop.

Zombie Apocalypse Team Building.  Participants will learn self-defense techniques with everyday items such as gardening tools, screwdrivers, rakes, and shovels.  Then participants will be paired up and have to work together on a "scavenger run" to find supplies while the rest of participants becomes zombies who attack them.

We supply all of the equipment, and can host the workshop at our facility or we can come to your location.


Team Building events offered

School demos

Have a history lesson that students can be touched and held!  Students can learn up close how medieval or Renaissance arms and armor were used.  They can also experience how people of the era lived, by seeing the clothes they wore, the food they ate, and the handicrafts they made.

Students can also have an opportunity to see how real sword fighting was done.  Presenters will demonstrate medieval combat techniques and can even engage in live fighting.


Fight Choreography
Fight Choreography

Audiences know when a fight 'feels' right, and getting those little details is what delivers a memorable fight scene. 


Whether it is for stage, screen, or prose, DEMAS can provide

authenticity for your fight choreography. 


We can help you convey to your audience the feel of a weapon in your hand or the weight of armor on your shoulders.  Contact us today for fight choreography consultation.


Steaphen's choreography resume


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Public Events

Join us as we perform at the Northern California Renaissance Faire, the San Jose Renaissance Faire, the Pleasanton Highland Games, or the Tarten Day Scottish Fair.

We also do Health and Wellness expos, Conventions such as Kraken Con, CombatCon and Clockwork Alchemy. If you have an event you would like us to present at.


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