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D.S.O.C. Killhouse 

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The Davenriche Special Operations Command Killhouse is an indoor airsoft field open on the first  Sunday of every month, unless noted otherwise.  You must fill out our waiver and field rules before participating on our field. 


What is a KILLHOUSE?

Also known as a shoot house, a "killhouse" is a live ammunition small arms shooting range used to train military and law enforcement personnel for close contact engagements in urban combat environments.

What is Airsoft?

Airsoft devices are functional, replica firearms. They are usually made to scale and shoot BBs, small plastic balls under 6 mm. Their velocities varies per field. Here, the cap is 350 feet per second (FPS). You may bruise when hit.

Gameplay Coordination

Please try to coordinate your outfits/uniforms with your friends if you want to be on teams with them.

Counter-Terrorist Unit: All black, navy blue, or any urban camo variants.

Rogue Agents: Tan, green, or any outdoor camo variants.

For more information on our game days at the DSOC Killhouse visit us at

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