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Lightsaber Academy

Davenriche European Martial Artes School is offering an ongoing academy for the Jed … I mean those that are interested in the Lightsaber. This class is great for any fans of the Star Wars Movies between the ages of 9 – 89. If you are a fan of a Galaxy Far, Far Away, you don’t need to travel very far to study. Steaphen Fick has been practicing with swords since 1989 and teaching how to use bladed weapons since 2000.


This academy will include learning how to use the lightsaber with one and two hands, how to cut from different angles to intercept and deflect the opponent’s energy-sword, footwork, and much more. The curriculum of the course is based on the teaching of Western Martial Arts from manuscripts written in 1409, 1536, and 1765.


This lightsaber Academy will be every Wednesday evening from 7 PM - 8 PM. Each class is one hour long and will include training in the use of the lightsaber to fight, training to create a choreographed fight with the lightSword, and time to practice your new skills in a fight with the other students. 

Our curriculum is a combination of the skills and curriculum from the longsword classes, the side sword classes with a flare of rapier of the 17th century

Most equipment is not provided for the class.


You will need:

Sun Sword (lightsaber) you must provide. Recommendations are available upon request


Mask – We will provide a mask if you don’t have one. A personal mask is required to move from the first level to the second level

Gloves – you must provide (not required unless you are going to spar)

The Lightsaber Academy will be held at:


Davenriche European

Martial Artes School

395 E Taylor St

San Jose, CA 95112

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