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Knight's Camp

June 24 - 28
July 8 - 12

join us for a HISTORIC summer camp

We are offering 2 five-day summer camps. The 'Squires', the camp attendees, will be learning skills and training like the Knights of old. The squires will be doing crafts and training with different kinds of swords that are age-appropriate. In the camp, the attendees will also be learning:

* Body Control

* Balance

* Problem Solving

* Knightly Virtues 

* and More


Kids are naturally active, inquisitive, and fun-loving.

Send your child to DEMAS and allow them to find their love of history, movement, martial arts, and historical crafts. At DEMAS we will offer a unique summer camp that will teach the children an introduction to martial arts while also learning about the knightly virtues such as respect, responsibility, and service. They will also learn how to make chain maille, learn about fiber arts, and other skills that would have been necessary to the everyday life of the knights and people of the times.

$275 each per week

 *limited to 10 attendees


Through the DEMAS Knight's Camp, your child will:

  • Learn the art of creating things with your own hands

  • Learn how to control their bodies and minds while working with others

  • Learn how to understand history and how it relates to the lives we lead today

  • Build the self-confidence to experiment and learn in a fun environment.


Each camp runs for 5 days, Monday-Friday 

10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Monday-Friday

On the last day of each camp, we would like to invite the family and friends of the camp attendees for a potluck medieval-style feast. We will set up tables and chairs so the friends and families can join the Squires in a feast to celebrate their work and the success of the camp. The kids will also be showing off some of the skills they learned over the week.

Safety and Control

We place a firm emphasis on safety and learning while keeping students excited and engaged. Your child will develop the ability to try things on their own, and then engage in projects with their peers. 

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