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Davenriche European Martial Artes teaches historical sword fighting techniques with longsword, rapier, and other medieval weapons.


We also offer classes on self-defense, Italian stick-fighting, grappling, and modern knife combat.  Our facility features an indoor archery range, a private fitness program, and indoor airsoft events.


Western Martial Arts / HEMA

We do Private Events 
Corporate Events
Birthday Parties

Team Building Events
Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties
Film Consultation and Choreography
And More!

DEMAS will be closed on June 19
in observance of Juneteenth


We have released a new book called

Steaphen Fick possesses a world of practical and scholarly knowledge based on his decades of research into both the Historical and Modern Fighting Arts of many nations and cultures. He has studied the weaponry and methods of medieval armored knights through the evolution of the fighting arts as outlined by the many Renaissance Masters and their varied schools of Fence and Bladed Arts. He is a fight and conflict detective pouring over clues in treatises and manuals both ancient and modern and his scholarship is unparalleled. Perhaps what I most admire about Steaphen is his practical hands-on approach to it all. Where others are satisfied to study old pictures and arcane language and guess at their intention and usage Steaphen always insists on proving their claims and choices through in-depth exploration and constant physical application. This gives Steaphen a unique perspective and depth of knowledge about the fighting arts that is alive and ever growing. I look forward to plunging into the depths of his latest book and all the secrets his deep dive will reveal.  

Anthony De Longis -

Fight Coordinator, Sword Master, Weapons Expert, Actor and Teacher / Trainer / Head Instructor at DPACA ( De Longis Performance & Combat Arts). Black Belt Hall of Fame, USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame, International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame, Ultimate Warriors Hall of Fame 

Our Classes


Davenriche offers classes on a variety of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) weapons such as longsword, sidesword, and dagger. We also have classes for grappling, knife, stick fighting, modern combat, and self defense.

Workshops and Events


We offer a monthly longsword workshop plus indoor airsoft on the first weekend of the month. In addition Davenriche regularly hosts other workshops, tournaments, and even birthday parties or corporate events.



Our instructors have over a combined 80 years of experience in a variety of western martial arts.


Steaphen Fick opened Davenriche European Martial Artes (DEMAS) in 2000, teaching a handful of students in his garage.  Since then DEMAS has expanded to over 130 students and a 8700 square foot facility in Santa Clara, CA.


DEMAS has students ranging from age 8 to 80 and offers courses on historic use of longsword, rapier and dagger, single rapier, the Rondel dagger, the Spada di Filo, fully armoured Combat as well as other weapon systems.


We have based our training on the manuscripts of Fiore dei Liberi and Philippo di Vadi, adapting these medieval combat manuals to modern self-defense.  Our curriculum is principle based, allowing the techniques to be applied regardless of whether the student fights with a longsword, a stick, or even unarmed.

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